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March 13, 2009


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Obama isn't going to fix the economy. Just to hold our own we'd need about 1.2 trillion in spending. The "stimulus" package had about 450 billion. Puny.

Not going to happen.



Sorry to wander to this so long after you posted it, but golly, you're right! Charlie must be beside himself at the thought of having been wrong... wait, I mean losing market share.


M Colins

I cant say I found Soglin's diverting of the conversation from Wisconsin's depressing statistics cited and footnoted by Sykes, to Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and the annointed one's expected triumphs to constitute much of an effort at all. As a 79 grad of UW Madison and familiar with the accomplishments of Soglin, I honestly expected a reasoned and thought out rebuttal but we get the usual latter day Leftist boilerplate and demonization. Not all statistics lie, and the objective labelling of the Badger State as a tax, anti-business hell only leading the country it seems in attracting the peripatetic poor certainly warranted something a little less knee jerk. When I attended UW-Mad (and voted Democratic or Left of Democrat), my realization was that all the loopy Leftist ideas seemed to actually work in Madtown. Sadly, Madison appears to still be relying on 70's solutions.

Whether or not Obama's tripling of the deficit will actually stimulates private growth remains to be seen, the American economy is a tiger unto itself and the Clinton era proved even the highest historical tax hikes could not hold it down. I however find it amazing the faith people like Soglin put into this huge lurch leftward towards intrusive government without any trace of historical irony.
Being the age I am I was in the unique position of following the turbulent 70's in Madison and realization that the basic rights the Left was fighting for back then, which was a voice, are now the rights the middle and Right has to fight equally strenuously for as it is clear the 60's and 70's disenfranchised are now themselves the "establishment", and they love and cultivate power with all the energy the former establishment did back then.

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