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April 18, 2009


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George Hesselberg

I agree, and compliments to Stu L. for a fine remembrance and tribute. We have lost extraordinary female political and moral voices in recent months, now Midge Miller, all keystones in Madison's development of a character, of character even. In many ways, they raised us, too, along with their own families. If you stand back and look at the differences, how some people arrive and shine briefly and then their lights go out, and how some people arrive and thrive and their lights keep shining, I think you will see a common thread among those who present us with a legacy: These people were nice. They were friendly. They were positive, and optimistic, even when dealing with dreadful issues. They were patient with the young and the innocent and if you happened to be young, innocent and ignorant all at the same time, they put up with that, too. Miller, Young, Smith, Zeldin, more. As Barry suggests, bless their memories.

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