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April 09, 2009


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John Peterson

Great point. Having been in the radio business for over 25 years, in talk the last 8 of my career, I had pretty much the same impression. I'm glad someone outside the media sphere came to the same conclusion.

Even though conservative talkers have been unopposed egomaniacs for the last 40 years, Milwaukee still votes Democratic. One can only assume their platform falls flat after just a few moments of thoughtful reasoning.


I strongly agree with both points that were conveyed to you. With my Dad's (conservative) relatives residing in Milwaukee's outskirts, but having grown up in Manitowoc, I can affirm that perception.

But two points stem from this:

First, moderate Milwaukeeans need to provide a pragmatic and vocal middle ground. The right-wing echo chamber can still believe its own hype and act recklessly as long as it's unaware that even perceived allies are not board. Moderate, common sense Republicans need to articulate a middle ground that reflects their beliefs and policies.

Second, Democrats / progressives need to articulate some pragmatic common ground on which each side can meet in the middle. Example: many political conservatives are pro-conservation and pro-clean water, etc., whether the term 'hook-&-bullet' crowd applies or not. Expressing sound economic development policies could further assist less vocal Milwaukee moderates in opting to work together. Keep it subject-oriented & policy-based, but move the discussion forward based on what works.

Rich Preston

I consider myself a moderate Republican and I listen to NPR, because I can't stand the alternatives.


Belling guest-rants for Limbaugh, 'nough said. I believe they actually drive the conversation so that the liberal democratic view point is the only legitimate one. They do not allow for a moderate conservative voice, one I would be open to hearing. If you're not a Friedman free-marketer, then you're a traitor. I guess I'm a traitor.


The Party is Over.
Like the frogs in the kettle, the heat is gradually rising. The Mark Belling, Charlie Sykes, corporate gangsters are still blithely swimming, but as money dries up and stations start to fail they should be getting their affairs in order. There seems to be a "domino effect" against the pollution of angry, manipulate, words posing as commentary. I think we can thank alternative internet media for slapping us awake. The liars have been caught… and it'll never be the same again.


I think they provide a needed service to the community.


Are we talking compost R.J.?


I think we are. Just imagine the volatile mixture of egg shells, grass clippings, orange peels, and general Democrat thuggish chutzpah! Someone needs to expose the liberal dirt to air and light for proper p.h. balance.

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