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May 21, 2009


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Thomas J. Mertz

Too bad Doyle, Pocan and Miller listened to the Club for Growth, the Tea Baggers, WMC, the McIver's... and not Reschovsky or the 65 groups who understood that new revenues should to be part of the answer.


"...Wisconsin’s perpetually growing budget deficit."
...and there we have it folks.

'No' to efficiency. 'No' to restraint. 'No' to modesty.

'Yes' to give-a-ways to our base. 'Yes' to expanding dependency on the state. 'Yes' to give-a-ways to our donors.

How is it that the "greatest generation" gave birth to the worst generation?

chris herro

Taxpayers finally have a voice in the Governor's mansion. How is it fair for unions to give money to politicians then negotiate with those same politicians for higher benefits. How is it fair for unions to take dues then give them to politicians. I think those fat, lazy union bosses should be the only ones worried.

Bradford Arneson

How fair is it for politicians to take money from corporations and then use it to benefit corporations. How fair is it for corporations to move jobs overseas for slave labor wages and then blame American workers. The market is the people and jobs are not created by rich, and greedy corporations. How ironic that the governor is living in a mansion built by the way by the father of a teacher that I worked with. I guess you don't believe in democracy.
A government by the people, for the people, and of the people. Our forefathers came here to escape oppression from the rich ruling classes to establish a country for the liberties of the common citizens. Shame on you who forgot your history or don't care. You will lose this fight. Remember God said the meek will inherit the earth

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