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May 20, 2009


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Overburdened Wisconsin Taxpayer

Hypocrisy is always a fun political subject Paul. While your at it, why don't you address the hypocrisy of the Left? Here is (just) one for you..... Obama campaigned on closing Gitmo and releasing the "torture" pictures. Now that he is in the Oval Office he has done a 180. He has no plan to close Gitmo and he has refused to release the pictures. Why aren't you Lefties lighting him up for breaking his campaign promises? Where are the protesters? Why aren't Keith Oberman & Rachel Maddow outraged?


Ryan, despite having worked entirely in Congress for his whole career, has a deeply flawed understanding of what OASDI is or how it works. He did debate with Dean Baker, nationally recognized economist at CEPR located in Washington DC, in Janesville two or three years ago. Ryan demonstrated then he is an alarmist and not really interested in solving the actual problem: Medicare costs.

There is nothing wrong with Social Security funding. There is no problem.

There will be a major problem with me if Ryan doesn't leave it alone.

Irish Frog

The big problem with entitlements is not the cost of social security, it's the cost of medicare. Social security costs go up as we have more people (boomers), but those costs don't skyrocket unless we have some sort of ridiculous breeding surge. The problem is the government expanding their willingness to pay for the skyrocketing costs of health care for seniors, without finding a way to pay for it by raising taxes. This was done under Bush's "Public Law 108 - 173 - Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003" or HR1 from 2003. Ryan, of course, voted for it. I'm not against seniors, and I'm not against the government paying for things...but I have a big problem when politicians pander to one voting block by giving them what they want without figuring out how they're going to pay for it. I think the vote for HR1 can be found here:


I wish Ryan were right that Obama is a European Socialist. He's not. He's a Geithner, Rubin, Summers hard core market fundamentalist.

Obama took the guys who crashed the plane and gave them another plane. THAT is what Rep. Ryan should be crowing about.


Ryan just needs to stop listening to the drive-by media.


"There is nothing wrong with Social Security funding. There is no problem."

Wow. Just Wow. Income falls below outgo in just a few years, and rapidly escalates after that. But. No problem.



You don't understand OASDI either.

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