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May 21, 2009


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Those who benefit the most, in their private endeavors, from the entire social system of shared community costs for infrastructure, should darn well pay the most for it.

It used to be known as The American Way.

aka Progressive Taxation.

The purpose of the Estate Tax is to prevent the formation of powerful family dynasties who use their accumulated, though unearned, wealth to manipulate the Legislature to their own ends. It's bad enough as it is.


The state is to provide for the welfare of the people. I believe this implies the majority of the voting citizenry. If the state cannot provide for the peoples welfare or places an elite minority in a preferential situation, then this state no longer operates as a viable government entity and should be dissolved.

Casey from Cashton

OK, mandrake, you can flail away all you want about how the estate tax will prevent the "formation of powerful family dynasties" but the reality is that when you enact a confiscatory inheritance tax, the people who will have to pay it simply change their residencies to other states. And this means that before they die, they don't have to pay income tax in Wisconsin either. In most cases for the people who truly love Wisconsin, this doesn't mean they have to move away permanently, they just have to manipulate things like their drivers licenses, how much time they spend at their winter homes, etc. You can enact your inheritance tax hell plan and all these people wave goodbye, and then what do you have? I agree that it's desirable to save as much of the social safety net as possible for the folks who truly need it, but the Governor and Legislature rammed $2.9 BILLION in permanent tax increases on business and the wealthy in February. At some point public employees are going to have to suck it in a little, just like the rest of us have.


Simple solution. Let the other states that are gullible to the manipulations of the elite pay for the extra tax burdens these swine impose. Or they can wise up too. We have nothing to lose but our chains.
"If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine."Che

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