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June 11, 2009


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Stephen M. Leo


Thanks for the tip 'o the hat. Among other things, I'm an alderman in Middleton, and I read your blog every day. I especially appreciate your posts on governance and the challenges of being a practical lefty elected official in a political climate strewn with the detritus of three decades of unconstrained free market fundamentalism.


Stephen Leo
Alderman, 8th District
Middleton, WI


For starters, the Town of Madison never asked for the influx of thugs, the City of Madison did/does. It's only fair. Why not annex this "prime" locale?

Tim M.

Those of us who live in the Town ARE being annexed, RJ. Some of us will be Fitchburghers, others Madisonians. And guess what? The "prime" parts of the town are going to become part of MADISON.


Whichever gets more of these loses.


NCLB is horse and buggy accountability. The device can be improved but it's still a horse and buggy.
The better measures such as performance exhibitions are the next generation electric car. Hundreds of schools around the country use this "big picture" of what students know and can do for their accountability to their stakeholders. One teacher in DeForest this school year used a related model and invited the Wisconsin State Journal to report on her student's presentations. The students were evaluated by a panel of experts from outside the school district. Amazing! Well, except that the reporter left the key part of the story out of the story.

By the way, last month was National Student Exhibition Month. Reader, do you recall ANY mainstream media even covering this event?

Jackie Woodruff

Many of us feel that a great deal of the problems facing our schools have to do with State Funding and needed reform.
Walk on the Child’s Side Set for June 16th Event highlights the need for a change in the way schools are funded

On June 16th, in an effort to shed light on the problems with the current school funding system, people from all over Wisconsin will convene on Madison for a symbolic walk to the State Capitol, where participants will rally for change.

The event, which will begin at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Library Mall, will mark the 10th anniversary of Walk on the Child’s Side. In 1999, educators, students, parents, and community members set off on the first walk, starting in Butternut and ending at the Capitol, where participants made sure that the governor and lawmakers understood the adverse effects of the school funding formula.
A decade after the first Walk on the Child’s Side and 15 years after the state’s school-funding system was passed into law, the problems continue. Today, the funding crisis Wisconsin’s children and public schools face is worse than ever. It is time to make a change. Join us on June 16th and help support a better education for Wisconsin’s children.

“SFN members understand the state of the economy,” said Bob Borch, assistant superintendent of finance with the Elmbrook School District and spokesperson for the nine-member network. “We also know that for the last 15 years school districts throughout Wisconsin have been forced to lay off staff, increase class sizes, and make cuts to programs and services because of the state’s school-funding system.”
“Good times or bad, nothing has been done to change the system and head off the crisis,” Borch said. “Now the education and the futures of children all over the state are in jeopardy.”
Borch said the SFN not only endorses the Walk on the Child’s Side but encourages its partners and their members to be in Madison, June 16.
WHO: Wisconsin education advocates
WHAT: Walk on the Child’s Side’s 10th Anniversary Reunion Tour
WHEN: June 16, 2009, 11:00 a.m.
WHERE: The walk will begin at 11:00 a.m. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Library Mall, on the 700 block of State Street. The walk will continue up State Street to the Capitol. A rally will be held on the steps of the Capitol at 12:00 noon.
Updates, as well as further information and details (including information on parking sites) can be found at, and at

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