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June 22, 2009


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Glenn Loos-Austin

I'm a little unclear what position you're taking here. Are you arguing that Ceasefire is doomed in the long run to the same sort of moribund ineffectiveness?


Since when does a 'national trend' have anything to do with how things seem to get done or affect Wisconsin?

As long as there are a few jobs to hand out to cronies and hustlers Madison will keep coming up with ideas that sound beneficent, but make the problem worse. "Come to Madison...knock someone out, take money...get career counseling!"

Four or five iterations later we'll discover "Broken Windows Theory", but find a way to dumb that down too.


Alternate proposal: Condemn and level about three square blocks of duplexes in the Theresa/Prairie/Loreen part of Hammersley, turn the area into a park. It will pay for itself in police dollars or fewer dead kids in a year, pick your currency of choice.

The idea that what this area needs is career counseling is total crap. This area needs to be leveled and the thugs need to be locked in a concrete pen until they die. I've lived there seven years, my wife is too scared to have a kid until we can move, and I can't sell my house there for what's left of the mortgage to get out, much less what I paid for it. The city I wanted to move to as child has turned into a free fire zone that's eaten my life savings, made my parents scared to visit and made my wife too scared to go outside.

I was a liberal until thugs with bats chased my mom out of my front yard. I used to believe that Madison worked and was a good place to live. Now I'm just stuck here until I finally admit that the only way out is to abandon my house and walk away.


"...the police would identify gang members who were on parole or probation and compel them to attend a meeting."

It appears, as of this writing, that Prof. Kennedy's plan, fine in theory, isn't working for the New York State Senate either. The solons (regarded by many as a band of sharps and ruffians) were compelled to attend the meeting, and the rest is theater.

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