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June 11, 2009


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Tim M.

As one who spent his 60th birthday with his family at Miller Park a couple weeks ago, and as one who has attented scores of games at that fine facility, I must say that while I agree with everything you say about the annoyances and television-based needless elongation of the games, there is one thing even more annoying.

It's the "child announcer" which is foisted upon us in the home half of the 4th inning. Robb Edwards has been a colleague and friend of long standing, and I think he's a fine p-a announcer; one of the best. The sound system resonates with his dulcet tones and crisp delivery (and, like you, he's a heart attack survivor). I understand he's forced to do those inane promotional and commercial announcements, but when that child takes over the mike, as cute as some may think it is, it's torture to my ears.

At my "birthday game" at Miller Park, sitting next to my 24-year-old daughter, when Prince lofted a fly to right field, she said dejectedly - while the ball was in flight - "F-9". We have indeed raised our kids to be baseball fans. Though you would not expect it, both "kids" decry the constant distractions from the game itself. And even I have come to accept the snippets of songs played when each Brewers player comes to bat, and have embraced "Hell's Bells" when Trevor Hoffman makes his late-game appearances.

All the rest is sound and fury, signifying nothing - to steal a line. Flashing scoreboards, racing semi-circular lights, inane commercial banter,all the annoyances you describe that have been contrived to "enhance the game experience" be damned. There's still nothing like the sound of a cleanly-hit ball leaving the bat and soaring into the air, as the crowd noise escalates, and the release of endorphins when it clears the outfield wall.

That, Paul, they can't duplicate....and let's hope they never wreck. Many more happy games to you. And yes, the luxury boxes suck.

James Rowen

Too bad you weren't at tonight's victory over The White Sox and your favorite manager.

I spent the afternoon and early evening in Spring Green instead of the ballpark.

Phyllis DD

I saw the (great) game on Memorial Day, Brewers vs. Cardinals, and I agree with you about the noise detracting from the experience. Who wants or needs that overwhelmingly loud wall of sound?

Thanks for the informative and enjoyable blog.

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