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June 09, 2009


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Michael Basford

Two words: Wrigley. Field.

Watching a baseball game at Miller Park is like watching it at a shopping mall. It is a testament to the excessive avarice of Bud Selig - a force most evil. He is a bigger threat to the American way of life than Al Qaeda.

cousin with twins

you're old Paul... What Noise?


Paul, your hyperbole makes you sound like a grumpy old man. Grab a beer and enjoy the games.

An old friend

So use earplugs!


Two words: Madison Muskies


Wrigley Field SUCKS. What an absolute awful place to watch a baseball game. AWFUL!!! And not because the Cubbies play there, Miller Park is just a much nicer park, period. That said, these days, baseball games are for people who don't like baseball. For those that say it's ssssssoooooooo boooooring. Their trying to wake these people up between innings so they'll come back next time because it wasn't 'that bad'


It is a "pasttime" and a game. When it becomes a true sport instead of entertainment then there will be fewer games and every game would carry some weight. What we have currently are grown men scratching their &@||$ rather than getting their butt up to a plate or mound and doing something. Standing around contemplating whether you are ready to play or not is not what this and many other sports fans watch sports for. Hey baseball! Get yourself out of the last century and make it something worth watching!! Step up and move this crap along!

Brad Clark

Michael Basford is right. Wrigley is, in a lot of ways, a dump, but it is still a pretty pristine place to watch a major league baseball game. There's nothing like a Wednesday afternoon game at Wrigley in the middle of a hot July.
These days, although I still hope and pray they will right the ship, what ruins the Wrigley experience isn't the park but the ineptitude of the Cubs themselves!

James Rowen

When the home town wins, we don't care about the other stuff.

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