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June 09, 2009


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The founding fathers wisely put some distance between the elected officials and the public. We can't popularly elect federal judges nor the president and looking at some of the Senators from both sides of the aisle maybe we should return to state legislatures picking them. Al Franken, please. Nominate and Confirm sure beats the election process in this instance.


Would it also follow that a justice should recuse him/herself in any case involving a litigant who donated large sums of money to the campaign of the justice's election opponent?


You sure have a lot of free time on your hands.


Hey Soggybrain, we all win some and lose some. OK, so what, let's see if litigants sue because of Ziegler & Gableman. What about Shirley A, an "honest" justice who raises over $1Meg. Can litigants sue her too for the same reasons you imply?

And what about The Supreme Court finding "Dont ask dont tell" constitutional? That really must bother homo lovers like you. After all, whatever the homos want is full civil rights, right?

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