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July 15, 2009


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U.S Representative Paul Ryan says
Shut Up! Paul Soglin.
Shut Up ! Antpoppa.
Shut Up ! Wisconsin.
Shut Up! America.
I am U.S. Representative “Mister Paul Ryan” and I’m gonna tell you, ol’ man, what your life is all about. Don’t look up and don’t look down just pull that wagon, mule. I’m gonna kick that American dream around the block, dry it up like a raisin or drown it in a bath tub!
Stand tall, all these elites have is fear and fraud. And that has failed.
Talk up!


Yes, he is a capitalist tool. Never actually held a real blue colloar job. Unless politician counts, he never even held a job. Started out as a congressional page as I recall...


So let me get this straight, you 'want' to wait 9 months to see a substandard doctor for a routine procedure?

Have you thought about the unintended consequences? the creation of private groups that will siphon away the best doctors?

It may end up looking like the educational system in this country, where the public teachers gained a strangle-hold on government with their quid pro quo Dem voting block.
Hmmm, I guess you 'have' thought about the unintended consequences.

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