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July 02, 2009


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Casey from Cashton

When will Brenda's 15 minutes be up?


Smoglin's 15 minutes was over a quarter century ago.

Darren K

Thanks for pointing out her unending drivel. I watch her blog only to see what she's currently up to. I can't wait until Central Madison starts to show life again with redevelopments such as what the Hammes Company is proposing for the Edgewater site.

Thanks for your watchful eye.

Charlie UnSykes

Hey, Casey, Germantown, and Darren:
Brenda knows 100 times more about the ins and outs of downtown development than you three ever will. I don't always agree with her but I'm glad she's keeping an eye on things and asking a lot of questions.


Thank you for the link to Brenda's blog. I was able to read that in her blog she is "using as long of run on sentences as I feel like."

Madison actually elected someone to the city council who can't write any better than that? Granted, the paranoia over real estate developers should have ruled her out for public office too, but poor writing skills are inexcusable.

Shady McLobbyist

"She did not have enough space to make it clear that as public official and as a citizen I have taken a range of positions from opposing Randy Alexanders' 17-story proposal for State and Lake Street many years ago, to supporting greater flexibility in other areas."

But you were not [presumably] being paid then, were you? I'm guessing you are being paid for your lobbying though. So you might have a monetary interest in pushing a particular position, perhaps?

S Prestegard

For God's sake, can't we just get past Brenda's BS regarding saving the planet and all that she thinks is sacred. If for once, she ever held a job that paid a salary as most of us have to, she would shut her mouth and be thankful for what eventually get's done in Madison in spite of her and the rest of those jerks that think the world has to follow their disjointed direction to survive.

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