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August 03, 2009


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There are statistics, and there are dammed statistics. 3 less murders hardly makes for commedations, but political Bravo. The police politics involve recording what has or had not happened. Less paperwork, less to report and compare to next year. This isnt rocket science, have you taken a drive with a police officer lately, or have a relative in the family. Get the real story. The Westside has seen increases in every area except violent crimes. The South side is not the only area needing attention. Certainly we all want a crime free City, but lets leave the politics of publicity out of it and hold those in authority accountable, or get rid of them.


How, precisely, can landlords screen tenants better? I thought


(sorry)...I thought that the city of Madison enacted new anti-discrimination laws and tenants' rights laws which prohibit landlords from, for example, denying applications by criminal records or people with unresolved/pending legal cases? Honestly, I know that everyone, including those with criminal records, need to live somewhere, but really, couldn't even the most attentive landlord be hampered by provisions such as this? (Of course, I am not endorsing discrimination based on race, ethnicity, etc. -- which are not related to future criminality -- but wouldn't it be rational for a landlord who wishes to avoid crime to deny tenancy to people with a proven history of criminality?)


Lies, Damn lies and Statistics. Crime has been used as a social control for years; fear of crime is the oats that government thrives on. Without crime government would have no reason to eliminate the rebellious youth that threaten the social status of the ‘good guys’ that run business, government, and police. I’m at a loss to explain why the city would want to tell its citizenry crime rates are down… unless they are trying to magnify a certain rebellious sector of the population. Watch as we are told that our fears should be directed to the isolated few.


Know what will revive Meadowood?

Not having people randomly stabbed on the sidewalk a hundred feet from my house.

I'm a little vague on how I use non-law enforcement resources to uphold community standards like "please don't chase my mom out of the front garden, group of young men with ski masks and baseball bats currently playing a rousing game of smash-the-cars."

"Get the hell out" is a the only option that makes any sense; Madison has made it damn clear it's not willing to address any of this in a sane way.

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