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August 24, 2009


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I don't agree with you. High labor costs are only one reason corporations are pulling out of Wisconsin. The other is repressive taxes. If Madistan is such a desirable place, why did Famous Footwear move to St Louis? Why did Kimberly-Clark move to Georgia?
Oklahoma et al view Mercury Marine as a new tax source for them thru state taxes paid by MM employees.
Oklahoma is a right-to-work state. Face the reality that companies hold the trump cards. Maybe you should consider removing the "No WMC" on your webpage, eh?

Brad V

Your entire post seems to operate in a vacuum when it comes to considering the fact that economic conditions have drastically changed in the past year.

Mike Thompson

The alternative was for management to do nothing to adjust to the new climate and simply go out of business over time. Think that couldn't happen?

This industry is losing business hand over foot to the Japanese like Honda. They simply realized that they needed to be more competetive to survive.

Why is Wisconsin unwilling to be a part of that equation? Why are we still in denial here?

Northern Pike

"Oklahoma et al view Mercury Marine as a new tax source for them thru state taxes paid by MM employees."

Yeah, but for how long? Until Mercury threatens to move to Mexico unless their Oklahoma employees take a 30 percent pay cut?

Long live the race to the bottom!


You just sacrificed multiple family livelihoods through your stubborness and greed. Take the pay cut and keep the familes together and taxes paid in Wisconsin and Fond Du Lac. When times get tough, the strong sacrifice and make it work. The weak blame others for their inabilities to be pro-active. Suck up IAMAW and save the brothers that you represent. Having a job is better than NOT having a job in these tough times. Find better ways to keep the jobs at home instead of blaming management. Be more efficient and reduce your operating expenses and you will all be better off for the survival. I know, we did it in the valley and now we are growing - an we are UA Pipefitters & Welders.


Why is the contract to the employees no being honored? Billions of dollars have been spent by consumers in the finance industry to honor contracts that whose ‘situation' have changed. Business runs on contractual obligations. Seize the plant as partial payment for breach and damages and restart production.


Wisconsin is constantly being under cut by Neanderthal states in the south. They have low taxes because they have low public services. Corporate states run by corporations. If you don't like the taxes in Wisconsin, feel free to go and live in Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi. America's free time machine, teleport back to the 19th century.


Print is plentiful of union company history abounds. Where does it talk about management sacrifice?

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