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September 25, 2009


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Barry Orton

If you still have it somewhere in your house, can I borrow it for Halloween?


Not to quibble, but some of those others look like houndstooth.

George Hesselberg

That photograph was taken by Tom Kelly, a busy and talented freelancer in Madison in those days who went on to media fame and fortune, first specializing in ski photos and working for the early Birkebeiner races and founders at the (then) new Telemark Lodge, then moving to the United States Ski Association, where he worked his way up to media chief. He has been a key player in the Winter Olympics ski team media organization for many years and he has always been a standup guy.
George Reinke and Paul Soglin together was always a curiosity.
(And speaking of the mayor's office, a moment for Ronald J. Puttkammer,70, who died Sept. 16, who ran for mayor in 1979.)
George Hesselberg


that's wicked awesome.

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