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September 08, 2009


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From one society declined to another society declining.

Not to know what has been transacted in former times is to be always a child. If no use is made of the labors of past ages, the world must remain always in the infancy of knowledge.


Michael A. Shea

A tip of the hat to Paul Ryan. He is wrong on the issues, but at least his opposition to health care reform is clearly linked to his longstanding opposition to Medicare. I credit him for consistency. Other opponents say they support Medicare, unable to see the contradiction in that.

The mystery is why Paul Ryan- so wrong on the issues- keeps getting re-elected. Progressives in the First Congressional District need to step it up.


Oxymoron: "robust" public option. If you've spent any time at you know this program cannot work and most of its parts have already failed in seven states.

the solution: single payer, a robust Medicare 2.0 for All.


Nice try:


I love the gamesmanship going on around the Ryan position as Jake and others are in denial. Someone should put the question to Paul Ryan:

If your proposal was adopted does it mean that ten years after adoption, those who need health care at age 65, will not be enrolled in the existing Medicare program but will enroll in a program similar to your proposal for private health care savings accounts? Yes or No?

edith stuessy

love the Cicero quotation, too bad someone didn't whisper it in our most recent ex-President's ear every day upon his awakening...eddie spaghetti

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