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September 18, 2009


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That discussion was not possible at Miller Park because at Miller Park people actually are there to watch the damn game, not listen to some out of town idiots talk and meet new friends.

Ever heard of a Cubs player since 1970? Guess its to much to ask what with all that yakking Cubs fans do. I'm guessing the reason Cubs fans whine about their inability to chat in Miller Park is that around here we'll tell you to shut up and watch the game.


You're an idiot. Enough said. Cub Fans watch the Game.


Matt has managed to demonstrate that a deranged sports fan is more obnoxious than the worst of the the polical hacks who sent in over 5000 commments to Waxing America over the past three years. And it was achieved in just two minutes.


You think the Miller Park is bad? Go to a Mallards game. The baseball game is incidental. Loud music between every pitch and announcements between every batter.


Matt is an idiot and deranged?

Yeah, well you're a Cubs fan. I get the better of that exchange.

Enough said? can I quote your witty repartee. I presume you went to Chicago public schools with their fancy insult classes ("No your an idiot- poopy face". "I am not, artificial noise sucks" "If a tree falls in the forest make a real noise or an artificial noise?" HOW BOUT THEM CUBBIES!

Clever dumbass. Don't bother responding, I'm your last reader.

Ordinary Jill

"Ever heard of a Cubs player since 1970?"

Um, Ryne Sandberg? Ring any bells? Sammy Sosa? And I'm not much of a baseball fan. What Milwaukee rock has Matt been living under all these years?


Please just move to Oak Park, Highland Park, or Elmwood Park and be done with it for Christ sakes. We get it (for the 500th time) Milwaukee s**ks and Chicago is better than ancient Alexandria.


Val is right about the Mallards game. Went to one earlier in the year and they turn the music down just as the pitcher is releasing the ball, and then crank it up again immediately at the end of the play, or when a strike or ball is called. It is by far the most irritating game I have ever been to, though the baseball was very good. Brewers games are staged for people who don't like baseball, all the music and entertainment between innings is to keep you entertained and not focused on how boring you may think the game is. Milwaukee's not unusual, I think Chicago is unusual. I have friends who have season tickets to Seattle Mariner games and they say the same thing, baseball games are for those who don't like baseball.

Tyrone Shoelace

The fans at Miller Park need the loud music because it drowns out the Brewers pathetic games. Rusty

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