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September 11, 2009


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Amen Paul. The President reached out and they bit his hand. Time to get it done.


The most disappointing parts of Obama's speech were when he equated the popular single payer proposal with the right wing idea of throwing everyone out into a free market and when he falsely asserted that the single payer, Medicare for All plan would be disruptive.

As the excellent NY Rep. Anthony Weiner pointed out tonight on Bill Maher, there would be no disruption if the payer changed from insurance companies to the federal government. Maher, correctly, called Obama a liar on this point.
When Canadian provinces made the switch to single payer in the 60s the change was pretty rapid and pretty smooth.

We can't do even better now? With all the knowledge and technology at our disposal?


We'll have to wait and see if Congressman Joe Wilson was correct. (it'll be too late, but smart money says 'yes', as I'm sure you know)

For the last eight years we've been watching and learning how to act, so as they say, "It's our turn, now.".


“Extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions. “
Friedrich Nietzsche

The arrogance that is being portrayed by people like me, who take the high road of non-violence and Platonic writ, rather than the Socratic argument in the market place, is resulting in disconnection to this epoch of American history. The higher we fly the smaller we look. As Greg Palast pointed out in his opening at Bob Fest, and as Plato learned in politics at Syracuse, the pen is not mightier than the sword. Sometimes the course of history depends upon our individual testes, not on our high moral criteria. Palast holds up two fingers and waves them in the air telling us that applying them to the keyboard is not all that is necessary for change. Perhaps we should apply them to the eyes of our enemies.

Ex-pat cheesehead

For 30 years our country has been following the precepts of the "me first" economic model advanced by St. Reagan and his ilk - and look where it has gotten us. The largest shift in wealth from the middle class to the wealthy in the history of the world.

This argument is not Republican vs. Democrat - it is corporate money interests vs. Citizens of the USA.

When you have Republicans adding amendments one after the other to water down legislation, then voting against it anyway - you know they are not "bargaining in good faith". They are merely providing a record they can run on in the next election.

I say - let's help our Republican brethren stay true to their base interests. Make a declaration that any House or Senate member who votes against any bill will have all of the amendments and earmarks that they authored and attached to said bill stripped in the Conference Committee.

I'm tired of seeing progressive legislation watered down in a fruitless attempt to "buy" Republican votes when you know they're going to act like the spoiled little brats they are adn vote against it anyway.

Regressives - you had 30 years of taking money away form the middle class and screwing up the future. Enough. It's time for the progressives to come in and clean up your messes. you all need a 30 or 40 year "time out" - though I doubt it would do your attitudes any good what so ever.


Well, well, well...

Looks like we're in Clinton's 3rd term.

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