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October 20, 2009


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As you say, we have been over this.
And over this.
And over this.
It the same old strategy:
cite the taxes,
ignore lower fees and assessments,
discount quality of services
and obfuscate the issue.
After all, wouldn't everyone prefer three tollgates
between Madison and Milwaukee?
(There are four between the state line and Chicago).


I just thought of the perfect solution to our problems: Tax Democrat campaign contributions! It's so apt, so works on many levels to get our fiscal situation back in line with reality!

I wonder, how many Wisconsin dollars have gone into that I-DOT slush fund?

Alderman Steve

Here's another solution to our fiscal problem: harness all the hot air emenating from Teabagger rallies and use it to generate electricity! While numerically small, these bovine herds of independent minds can be lured with television cameras to a central location, where all their windbaggery can be concentrated and used to power turbines.

A potentially limitless resource...

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