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November 06, 2009


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No lesbian affairs, I presume. (beat you to it R.J.)


I'd vote for you!!


You would have my support.

Debra Thompson

From Milwaukee's Central City - you have my vote!

Leo Burt

I guess Soglin is pretty much of a Doyle Democrat so we can expect more of the same.


Wow, that is a threat. Scare me!


Oh no, now the Governor is going to start a rumor about you.


You are the man. A

ny Democrat can probably do better than Doyle. He cut millions from the education budget and is now trying to plug that hole by adopting Obama/Duncan's failed model of revision: more charter schools (research shows they're not better than public schools, though they are less unionized), more standardized testing (research shows these discredited instruments do not improve teaching or learning), more merit pay (an a proven failure all the way back to the 1860s).


I'll consider your candidacy....more importantly, do you have any advice about a little event going on at Santa Anita tomorrow?


Your friends have always said you needed a bigger city to govern!


You would have my support, too ... and I live far from Madison.


Soglin supporters all over the country (some of us from the far west side) are taking out their checkbooks!~

Why the hell not?

Wisconsin has become waay too boring the last 30 years.

Tim E.

Run Paul Run! Exploratory committee in place yet? Better yet, just skip all that and GO!

Ty O'Mara

Sarah Palin is a stalwart of the Republican party, Big Arnold is governor of Californeeya, Tom Delay was on that TV dance show til he pulled a hamstring, networks are using disgraced politicians as political commentators, Blagojevich is all over the place, and now you want to tell us you were just being "Facetious?" There is no more facetious. I'm sorry, its too late already, Dude. This blog leaked into another blog which leaked into another blog....and so forth. There is a crowd outside of Ed Garvey's house, at this very moment, chanting,
GAR VEY, GAR VEY,...they even got those cool little torches. I'm afraid its too late; you're going to have to run. Just do the best you can, thats all anyone can ask of themselves. I don't think Obama is going to like this. Stuff happens.

Tab Hunter told me to tell you he is pissed.


Thanks, needed the April Fools' Day joke! Made my day.

Barry Orton

Molly, "Why the hell not?" is already a qusai-successful campaign slogan of that other mustached candidate for Governor (of Texas), Kinky Friedman. Good try, though.

Paul, it's way too late to say you were kidding. Old Soglin lawn signs are coming out of basements and garages all over town and will be up over the weekend. Old campaign buttons are being dusted off and their pins sharpened for action again.

Readers, we need a new slogan. My first thought: "Vinyl records are coming back and so is Soglin" Anyone else?

Mr. Natural

"Keep on Truckin!"

The artwork is already done -

Oliver Steinberg

As for slogans, Firesign Theater already has used "Forward into the past," and Hollywood has used "Back to the future."

So much for the obvious.

Pat Lucey, a businessman, got elected with the slogan, "Lucey means business."

So maybe the thing to do is start exactly where you're at.

For a Soglin candidacy, and administration, the key word probably should be the one in the headline: "SERIOUS." Since the state and country are in a serious mess, we need some serious thinking and serious action. LET'S GET SERIOUS: SOGLIN FOR GOVERNOR.

Although, if we go back to the headline and have some fun tweaking its unintended interpretation, we could come up with: SOGLIN SERIOUSLY KICKS ASS.

That would have a semi-youthful, "with-it" kind of flavor, along with the trendy kind of confrontational, aggressively hostile tone currently enjoying a political vogue.

Oliver Steinberg

I withdraw my foolish attempt at sloganeering and heartily endorse "Mr. Natural's" suggestion.


Um.... I'm not available to be Treasurer, again. I was just promoted by my (yes, a Republican) Mayor.

I'm sure Genie might be available, tho.

But SERIOUSLY.... think of this as a springboard. Hell, we get a good governor here (Utah) and Obama ships him off to CHINA. (Thanks alot, Barack).

Just think of the possibilities, Paul.

Cuba? Aruba? Sky's the Limit!

Stu Levitan

Sign me up.


How about “Soglin No Worse than the Rest?”


I think Soglin should do it.

And I don't think he's a side-pocket jiggle for the Guv.

I think a meaningful, respectful run-off between Soglin and Barrett would strengthen the Democratic Base, as it's deflating in the meantime.

Either VanHollen and/or Walker will win the Republican ticket... Soglin would beat VanHollen soundly... Otherwise, any other candidacy matchup would be a close race, but a good one. Walker, Barrett, and Soglin will run relatively clean races, which is what the state will need in the next year.


Where are the women?

Ty O'Mara

I'm sure you know the "news" media statewide(and national)will label you as the anti-war protestor/liberal. Take credit for that patriotism. My slogan entry puts that up front, so you can sort of get it out of the way and focus on the issues that press upon the quality of life in Wisconsin.


It is highly chantable.


Go Paul Go!!! Has a nice ring to it.


Hey, Paul - congrats on your decision to run Wisconsin. Dailykos gloats that you're the bravest candidate out there. No doubt you'll do a great job! Sending you a big Aitchpe Cheer!

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