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November 23, 2009


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The Republican deficit is caused by tax reductions and the democrat "dip" as you call it is caused by tax increases. However, neither party does a very good job for the people.


Where's the timeline/tracking line for war/military spending on this graph?


We've had 30 years of damage to this country from Voodoo Economics. It will take more than 10 months to clean it up


It will take 30 years to undo 11 months of Obamanomics.


The best federal budget since World War II was one of Gerald Ford's because it had, as a percentage of the budget, the least amount of spending on attacking other countries (typically known by most as the Defense Department) and the most on social spending.

And R.J. Obamanomics is very similar to Bush and Clinton "nomics". All three are rabid free trading, free marketers.


I think anon brings up a great point. Carter was such a Nancy that he was ready to put on a nice red dress and let the Soviets do anything they wanted to us. Defense spending under Carter hit an all-time low. By the time the great Reagan came into office, our military was in very poor shape and we had lost a lot of clout on the world stage while the Soviets had ascended. Reagan increased defense spending and actually placed America on a path to defeating the Soviets. It's easy to put together a chart that suggests one point of view as being accurate. Is it possible that spending, as a percent of GDP, could have increased in the 80s due to recessionary factors stemming from Carter's bad policies? Is it possible that this figure also rose in the early 2000s due to the dot com bubble, recessionary factors, and wars? Oh, and I don't want to hear any crap about war mongering. Americans have shed more blood freeing other countries from cruel, blood thirstly dictators than any other nation on Earth, asking only in return for sufficient land to bury its dead.

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