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November 30, 2009


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The apparent limits to expression have been the self-limiting kind due to political correctness.

Bob Morant

If you are going to try and explain failures of capitalism, I'd suggest you read Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto's book, The Mystery of Capital, or Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West But Fails Everywhere Else. He touches on why the Russians, Peruvians and others could not make capitalism work because they didn't have the infrastructure, or legal framework to protect property rights. Without the assurance that property rights are sacrosanct, the entire basis of motivation in a capitalist system collapses. And you cut the capital available to an economy, in half. (Read the book for that explaination.)


In this specific explanation you offer, it's funny how you state why communism EVERYWHERE fails utterly, each and every time.


You have all got to be kidding me...
If not then its not Capitalism and Communism that's the only thing failing...

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