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November 09, 2009


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Art Hackett

Have you filed to form a campaign committee yet?


You would, of course, be better than Scott Walker, assuming Barrett doesn't run. I can't imagine a Governor Walker, dumbest executive in the country. But I guess there was a Governor Palin.


We don't hate public employees. We just hate paying for their gold-plated pay & benefits for the amount of work we get out of them in a typical day.
It's a sign of the times when our children should aspire to be "in the club" as a Wisconsin civil servant.


Hey R.J. - Don't you know the first rule of entrepreneurship is to get your spouse a government job so you don't need to worry about health insurance or retirement.

James Wigderson

Paul, don't answer that phone. It's Mike Tate begging you to run. He can't find anybody else.

Ty O'Mara

It is possible no one wants to run, but if Mayor Barrett does decide to run; it does present and entreprenurial opportunity for R.J.(or anyone who is quick). Just like those big foam #1 hands you see at the football games.....instead make a big bandaged right hand glove that resembles Barrett's bandages. Make it a glove that can just be slipped on. I wouldn't know where to start on something like this.... R.J., Mayor Barrett, anyone interested? Sell them at rallies, etc. I was thinking $12.95. A slogan goes along with the glove: "Right hand man, OW! Right hand man, OW! I am selling the "Gov Glove" and slogan in a package deal: $2 for every "Gov Glove" sold. Act now.

Sorry, Mr. Soglin, business is business.


nonheroicvet, yup then your ex-wife's neighbor's cousins are covered too!

Rep. Wood, in his 'Leaving Las Vegas' downward arc, should do the right thing...fall on the sword by running for this career killer.

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