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November 20, 2009


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I see you finally found a subject you are an expert in-manure.


‘Tomorrow does not belong to us,” Auguste Blanqui.
I hope that the controversy over the biodigester is resolved in my lifetime. I have always thought that the biodigester was a ‘win-win’ proposal. However, after attending meetings sponsored by The Family Farm Defenders, they believe that this will lead to still more destruction of the bio-sphere. In terms of discussion, education and insight, I am ill prepared to participate in this new world of bio-science
I guess in these frantic days, the next generation will be wiser than us. The next generation must be better informed and more willing to dedicate time and treasure to social and environmental vision, something my generation has forgotten in its sprint toward plunder and material greed.


The righties love to cry "generational theft." Of course their definition ignores all legacies except money. Paraphrasing Woody, some rob you with a six-gun, others by denying global warming.


Let the suppression begin...


Well, this is TRUE, but it is only HALF TRUE. Why can Paul only see the deception on the right? The point is that BOTH sides do this. There are lots of slanted studies propogated by the left for every cause they have. BOTH are wrong to do this.

Bea the difference in the "generational theft" that you noted is that one is tangeble--and therefore easy to prove. The other is not. Big difference there.

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