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December 30, 2009


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Jim Arndt

"The hypocrisy of Grothman calling for state interference in local government is not worthy of comment."

I've been commenting everywhere I can...did you see the State Journal article where he basically calls the citizens of Madison hippies that walk to their job at the co-op? Hilarious.


Perfect example of "full time" legislators and their staff who have nothing better to do than to come up with goofy ideas and then try to create laws.I wish the voters would wake up and vote these yahoos (both parties) out of office and go back to a part time legislature. This is would save the state $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$>


Our betters in Madison truly are diabolical. My wife is no longer allowed to load the dishwasher because she used to do such a poor job of it.

Irish Frog

I don't think Sen Grothman's bill goes far enough. Why don't we just do what the Russian are proposing? The mayor of Moscow is trying to ban snow using cloud seeding to prevent precipitation. If we're going to be stupid, lets dial this thing up to 11!


You know who else removed snow from city streets? Hitler!

Steve Erbach, Neenah, WI


Your list flabbergasted me:

•public education
•environmental legislation that protects the air, land , and water in Wisconsin
•investment in cultural activities
•water and sewage systems
•sanitation and recycling systems
•and a myriad of other governmental functions

As a former alderman myself, I can certainly agree that water and sewage systems logically fall under the umbrella of public services necessary to the functioning of a community. Government has to dig under everyone's property to put these things into place. Well and good.

However, the rest of them -- ESPECIALLY your "myriad of other governmental functions" [shudder!] -- simply illustrate the carte blanche, blank check, incumbent-protecting, log-rolling, pork-barelling, ear-marking, cradle-to-grave, bread and circuses nature of modern government. "No human need unmet" is government's motto, and it sure looks like you endorse it whole-heartedly.

The inclusion of a "myriad" of governmental functions in your list was breath-takingly condescending and demonstrated clearly where your sympathies lie. That is, that government knows best what is right and good for everybody. "That which is not compulsory is prohibited."

Mark Clear

I don't think Grothman's "bill" is going to get any traction.

Although I share the senator's goal of getting him out of Madison as quickly as possible.

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