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December 29, 2009


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Your first commitment as Mayor was always to basic services, followed by an aggressive agenda of projects and innovation with which some people agreed and many disagreed but one that was forward-looking. You were a tough boss, but whether they liked you or disliked you, you recruited and retained talented people who did their jobs well and by whom you were willing to be challenged and from whom you were willing to learn.

The current Mayor's commitment is, first and foremost, to himself.
From the water utility debacle, to snowplowing, to crime, to the Edgewater, to trolleys, to being MIA on Overture for five years, to the loss of development opportunities to adjacent communities, to the miserable treatment of successful, hardworking staff who weren't all "yes" men and women, what one sees from the incumbent is insularity, arrogance, a distinct strain of vindictiveness, and a self-serving, primarily re-active rather than pro-active approach to governance.

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