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December 11, 2009


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Speaking of alternate side parking laws...When did it become fashionable to repeal enforcement of laws if people were too dumb to understand the difference between even and odd?

Perhaps if the parking laws are too tough to understand you may be overmatched just getting behind the wheel to begin with.

Thanks you for listening.


Common sense does not prevail. All the new technology in the the world does not remove one ounce of snow/ice between point A and point B, It still takes the truck. plow, salt and driver. It still takes time to do this. Anyone who has any plowing experience knows that you fight the storm in the beginning by putting salt down prior to the snow bonding to the pavement, especially when the forecast says the snow will be wet and heavy and the temperature will be dropping to zero. This storm was a perfect example and look what happens when basic principles are not followed. All the political "yapping" about technology, communications,task forces, activating emergency forces does not remove the snow/ice. Following basic concepts with experienced plowing operations with common sense does. So Madison, keep slip sliding away . and enjoy your new policy . Seems to work well.


What I still haven't been able to figure out/comprehend is why trucks can't plow AND salt/sand at the same time. It seems that they do this with every other snowfall we have. Also, the story the city is giving about the temps being too cold for salt is one of the great lies of our time. If it was too cold, how come the Beltline and Interstate are clear?


While I'm in favor of reducing salt to protect the lakes, I agree that those are pretty intolerable externalities. We shouldn't be forced to choose between lake pollution/bodily safety and carbon emissions.

On the other hand, the attitude that we have to get our lives back to 100% productivity immediately following a major natural event strikes me as worth another look.


I also am not buying the "too cold for salt" line. While there is a temperature at which salt doesn't work, I do not believe we reached that temperature in this storm. My evidence? The UW Hospital put down salt on their icy, snow packed sidewalks and it was very effective. Why is their salt "better" than the City's?


Shovels work at any temperature. How about those sidewalks downtown? Once, as Mr. Bond said, is not enough. Government and downtown businesses set a terrible example of not getting down to the pavement. Trying to walk on ice is no fun.


more on this subject next week.


The only people who seem to be able to get around are those on bikes.....


When is a blue-ribbon commission going to spend a week in Norway (with spouses in tow) to figure out the hip and minimalist way to maintain a city in winter?

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