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December 14, 2009


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If your light-rail system were to cost just $200 million. That would buy a set of Blizzak snow tires for 400,000 cars.

Tim M.

More like half a million vehicles with Blizzaks, RJ. I run the "better-than-Blizzak" Dunlop GrandTrek SJ-6's on my gas-hogging SUV. And, if we put Blizzaks only on the drive wheels of the passenger cars with front-wheel-drive, we could also afford to send each driver to a school like Bob Bondurant's, to teach them how to drive on snow. It only takes one yay-hoo going 15 mph when 40 or 45 is safe, to hold up a line of cars several lane-miles long.


You need same-grip wheels on all four corners for control under braking and in turns.


Let's get rail in the picture. Is the train going to go to every hous? I doubt it. Lets get back to the problem at hand. About ever five years some politican has a "brain fart" in how to plow snow and they do the stupid things that don't work and then try to cover up the "smell" with communication "failure" or task force or some other spin. Of course they are to educated to study history as to what works and what doesn't, but lets spend a lot of money to prove the "brain fart" idea didn't work. Keep slip sliding away Madison. We got what we asked for!


As I sat in my car for hours, I imagined myself on a train not worrying about driving, snow, congestion or anything other than reading a book. Since my employer has located itself in the vast emptiness of nowhere and the rail line is long gone, in my lifetime there will not be a train to work, unfortunately.


I think we need to tell Mayor Dave to ask for the Superintendent of Streets resignation. Plowing and mass transit are not Madison's only transportation problem, and we would need someone up to the challenges.


Madison roads are an embarrassment. I went north of Sussex Sunday and it was like Fantasyland.

There will be more blizzards. If Mayor Dave fails again, he should join former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne.


As I sat on an overcrowded bus in bumper-to-bumper traffic, crawling down University Avenue a few inches every few minutes, I looked over at the train tracks running alongside me and imagined my commute on commuter rail. It can't happen soon enough.

phil vk

It was actually Michael A. Bilandic that lost to Jane Byrne due to the perception that Bilandic, as Chicago's Mayor, could not get the streets cleared fast enough after several heavy snows in the windy city (1979). But point well taken - people will remember this next election.


Commuter trains and light rail definitely have benefits, but don't be blind to the fact that both modes are also affected by weather. Railroad switching systems have major problems handling snow and ice, and cold weather also affects certain railroad operations. Also, while sitting in the train is a good way to spend the commute, don't forget that rail commuters in places like Chicago or Minneapolis still spend a lot of time outdoors waiting for the train to arrive.

Snow and ice are a fact of life in Wisconsin. All transportation systems - except snowmobiles and skis - are going to be compromised with a 14" snowfall.


Thanks for correcting me, Phil.


We would have a lot more money to spend here if we weren't maintaining 800 military installations worldwide, not to mention our ongoing illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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