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December 09, 2009


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Jesse the K

I'm shocked, shocked, that you didn't touch on Antigo Silt Loam, the official Wisconsin State Soil, championed by Prof Francis Hole (of blessed memory).

On the soil:

On the champion:

Barry Orton

Crystal Light, while a Kraft product, and Kraft still owns Oscar Mayer, has no other Wisconsin connection. If you insist on a better and healthier alternate to beer and milk, why not apple cider? I'm a fan of local, unpasteurized cider, great cold or hot. I buy in season, and freeze some for later in the winter and next spring.

Glenn Loos-Austin

Well, I don't know about anything else, but the turkey vulture gets my vote for state bird.


We could do better than the Badger. Badgers are the Dick Cheneys of the animal kingdom. They are nasty, sneakey vermin who will come on your property and dig great holes making a big mess for someone else to clean up.

Also, a good Bohemian wedding dance will make you a polka fan for life.


Why isn't the cranberry the state fruit? And how about a state vegetable?

Oliver Steinberg

You've got a state rock or something, as well as a state mineral (Galena); and as the total mentioned earlier was 21 symbols, there must be several more. I think the Antigo Silt Loam is very deserving of State Soil status; it was Francis Hole's favorite, wasn't it? And there's got to be a state cheese, wouldn't you think?

It is a lot easier for legislators to pass silly things like new state symbols than to tackle the truly tough problems which a state government ought to be trying to resolve.

The Sconz

You missed one – the official state mineral: Galena, a lead ore that the original "badgers" (lead miners) used to dig up.


The state dog -- American Water Spaniel -- which I own (although Beau was born in Minnesota) is one of the few true North American breeds -- developed in Wisconsin in the Fox Valley. These little brown retrievers were used by market hunters in the 1800's and accepted as a breed by the AKC I believe in the 1940's.


I'm rather fond of the state fossil, the ammonite. Just knowing that we have one is a great way to show off at parties.

I can't agree with you on the badger, however. They are tough critters, and anything that eats ground squirrels is okay in my book.


stay tuned gang. I don't know about the state mineral and the state fossil but we will do a post next week on the state soil and the most wonderful man I ever met, Professor Hole (and his wife Agnes).


The state fossil is the trilobite. The state rock is red granite.

Ty O'Mara

Like nonheroicvet, I take umbrage(if it is still a word)at your dismissal of the Polka. The Polka is not cool, not chic, not sophisticated, not intellectual, but after four or five beers at a crazy Polish wedding it is the most fun you can have with a woman and centrifugal force. It is just fun, fun, fun. I've only polkaed a couple times, but I like it and it is a perfect fit for Wisconsin. What do you want.... the Minuet? A Waltz? The Frug? Admit it, the Polka is the perfect state dance. However, when I learned that CHEESE PUFFS were the official state snack food, I was very disappointed. It should be potato chips with french onion dip(french onion dip to honor Father Marquette), and, of course a nice cold glass of Crystal Light.

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