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January 28, 2010


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would he be the only Expo in?

Barry Orton

Nope; Gary Carter.

Tim M.

My bleeds-Cubbie-blue wife e-mailed the Hall in protest; she got a cordial, but pointed reply saying the Hall makes the final determination and that the bulk of the stats that got him into the Hall were accomplished during his tenure in Canada.

Still sux.

Brad Clark

Come on, you guys. It's enough that he's going into the Hall. I don't know if you've ever been to Cooperstown, but when you're in the "Plaque Room," you're hardly going to notice the logo on the cap on a player's plaque.

Steve Vokers

We was robbed!

Barry Orton


I wouldn't go and pay my money to the HoF until those $^$%#@^s do the right thing by Santo and Minoso.

Brad Clark

Well Barry, I'm with ya in spirit, but that day may never come so I'm still glad my sons and I went once at least...

Ty O'Mara

Ron Santo was named on 4% of the ballots the first year he was eligible. After years of self-promotion he was able to get it up to 43%. Just so many called third strikes with runners on base in big situations--and then to show up the umpire on top of that. He is not popular with the voters, and believe it or not, the heel clicking thing didn't help, either. I'm sure everyone, however, would vote to give him perfect health. Minnie Minoso is one of baseball's holy men. The uncontainable joy of being blessed with the burden of playing baseball and getting paid lots of money to do it. He should be put in, and along with Banks they should head up the "holy men wing," of the Hall of Fame. Lastly I wonder if a player in the Hall can be impeached. Jim Bunning put on such a "righteous indignation," show for the constituents in regard to the Bernanke confirmation. Maybe they could get Renquist to show up with his striped-sleeved robe to do the honors.


Gary Carter went in an an Expo? Not a Met?


checked it myself, Carter's in as an Expo, the only one.

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