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January 11, 2010


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Will the Milwaukee Teacher's Union ok the Harlem plan? Because if they don't it will be DOA.

That's been the travesty of the debate over mayoral takeover in Milwaukee - Who's in charge? The union vs. Mayor.

It is split the "liberal" core. The liberal intelligensia represented by the several foundations such as Argosy and Milwaukee Foundation strongly supporting the takeover and the liberal unionistas represented by MATC's union boss strongly opposing.

Sadly it is the 80,000 kids who get the shaft.


If it means more money and fewer hours for union teachers it must be the next great hope. Seriously, if money was the solution "urban" education "issues" would have been long solved.

Brian (neaguy)

Excellent re-post.

You cannot reform a school. You have to reform the community surrounding it, too. That takes money, RJ.


Milwaukee teachers - through their union - have proposed the Milwaukee Opportunity Plan - which is a plan that has a number of strategies that might seem familiar to the Harlem plan. The strategies could make a dramatic impact on public schooling in Milwaukee if there was a true commitment to them.

What the Harlem plan does recognize is that what ails urban education is a community problem that requires a community solution. Schools alone can't do it.

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