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January 19, 2010


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My grandchildren have been immersed in foreign language pre-school since fourth grade and speak Chinese, French, and Spanish, individually. Collectively, they speak American English. In our regressive American society, these children are not considered normal. In a nation of failure, success is reckless.
Often, success is the rivalry of a group of terrified collective minds, who inhale terror, and feel that the development of a new class of citizens will upset their climb up organizational ladder.

Jeremy R. Shown


I think you are forgetting those that worry that such programs "work" all too well. Many of us are concerned that subjecting children to institutional settings at such a young age corrodes the natural bonds of family and replaces them with a reliance on the state.

Such a program isn't one I would wish to participate in, even if it were free. Principled opposition in this case may not have anything to do with the cost in terms of tax dollars.

Brian (neaguy)

A good place to show your support for more money for schools:

By the way, this nation is awash in funds to spend way more than we do on schools. Go off shore and get the trillions that have been stashed away to avoid tax collection and start to roll back the 800 base military empire that has the planet in a choke hold.

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