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January 02, 2010


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Ordinary Jill

Limbaugh is, indeed, an idiot. Hawaii is significantly different from the rest of the U.S. in that, for the past 35 years, it has required that employers provide health insurance for all employees working more than 20 hours a week (important in a tourism-based economy, in which many workers are part-time). As a result, going into the current recession, Hawaii had one of the nation's lowest uninsured rates and enviably low health insurance premiums for employees (their share is capped by law at 1.5% of their annual wages). The Senate version of federal health insurance reform legislation specifically exempts Hawaii. The state has truly served as a laboratory for health care reform. Unfortunately, it has also demonstrated the dangers of tying health insurance to employment, as the recession has severely strained the system that worked so well for decades.


Jill: Thanks for updated comment - clearly Rush is a bigger health care idiot than I thought.. see the next post.

Greg Shannon

Rush limbaugh is waisting perfectly good air


I agree, thats its wasting good air

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