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February 02, 2010


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michael donnelly

Could the city council reverse that?

george hesselberg

Whenever a director starts a stupid policy and then is asked how the policy is working, it is always "working out well."
That's because part of the policy is that no one is allowed to criticize the policy, so there is no record of it failing.

Brian (neaguy)

Nice to see that FFRF is supporting the UW speaker.


I, too, have heard, in the halls of one of those UW campuses in the ausland, the words of some of those you mention. Also Gus Hall (whom Jesse Helms used to call "that commernist") and Drew Pearson and an assortment of true-believing John Birchers (remember them?) and Eugene McCarthy and Richard Nixon and a couple of paranoid and truly wild-eyed Weather Underground radicals, whose names escape me at the moment.

Their views were not universally admired, especially back then in the 1960s, but allowing them to be articulated seemed, at the time at least, to be near the core of why we have higher-level liberal arts education at all. I recall no discussion of turning any of them away. Nobody thought being tolerant and open-minded to unpopular views was particularly courageous.

Those who tried to wave off Hirsi Ali may now try to persuade themselves that their action was somehow moral, or taken in a moment of confusion, or else they will have to own up to their pusillanimous diffidence.

As for the control freak over at Parks ... May he suffer the torture of a thousand anonymous news leaks. He will long for the day when he at least knew who was saying what.

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