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February 15, 2010


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Charlie UnSykes

I wouldn't put the entire blame on Yahoo for this. I think the ranking of those "front page" stories depends on how many views the story gets. Of course the cycle feeds itself: people are more likely to read the stories near the top of the list, thus ensuring that these stories stay near the top of the list.

Ty O'Mara

My take is, that when the internet started: providers of news and information were not held to the same standards as newspapers, television, and radio. The internet was not looked at as a competitor to our nations best newspapers. As a result, Yahoo(and other web portals?)got into the habit of sensationalizing their stories. It is a habit they continue to this day. I think we must still look at the internet as suspect-still not as reliable as newspapers, television, and radio.

The problem is--more and more people get their news from these internet sources. Its free and our citizens are not being as well informed as they could be. It might be mostly a nuisance now, weeding through the fluff and hyperbole. What about 3, 5, and 10 years from now when there will be fewer and fewer newspapers that adhere to good standards of journalism? As more and more of our newspapers become defunct; so shall we become def----d. Television controls us more than most of us want to admit. The internet could finish the job. We need to worry about being pacified and controlled. I don't think we all will be controlled, but if 51% of our population is-the game is lost. When a certain majority of our population becomes predictable, then we will start voting via the internet. We will rejoice over the greatness of the internet for getting 80-90% voter turnout. The problem is: it will be totally programmed--predictable casting of ballots.


Paul, I checked on the Lindsey Vonn articles and then promptly googled for 'lindsey vonn bikini' to get me to SI's website. I wanted to make sure that there were semi-clad photos of her to substantiate your claim. I went back and checked a few more times, just to be sure.


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