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February 16, 2010


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Isn't this the same Josh Zepnick who approved no limit on interest rates charged by loan Sharks? And AT&T Execs can't make any quick moves lest they break Jeff Plale's arm because it is so deep into their pockets. Does anyone know when the increased competition will start from the last "reform" brought to us by Plale and AT&T? Those two are lower than pond scum.

Tim M.

Deja vu all over again.....


As an advocat of good government and all that jazz, shouldn't you disclose your connections to those opposing the bill? Rowen and Christofferson do it all the time and it is helpful as readers understand the motivation of your posts.

Brian (neaguy)

A,T and T should never get what they want. The more regulation of large corporations the better.

Unless you like the collapsing economy.

jim guilfoil

Thanks to Barry for all the work in behalf of PEG's which the Cable companies are trying to eliminate. They bargained to get into the communities which need the PEG's and now they're buying lobbyists to undo ther 'good faith' efforts to help local communitiess.
Corporations lie in all 'bargaining''s the nature of the beast.

jim guilfoil

Thanks for all your work to continue PEGs and to show how the cable co.s work to undo what they bargained 'ingoodfaith' for to get into our communities. Corporations all power groups do to secure their ideologies.

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