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April 22, 2010


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Ty O'Mara

Yes, I agree, it is not appropriate for the illustrious Chicago White Stockings organization to continue to employ Tony Montana as their field manager. When Guillen first started, I thought, "this is cool, this guy is unguarded and honest with the media." Now, I just think of him as a manager who likes to put himself before his team. It is silly for a manager to criticize his team for not hitting. There is not one amateur(let alone major league player)who needs to be motivated to hit.

Awhile back, when Hugo Chavez was claiming to be at war with the United States, is when I started to dislike Ozzie. I was thinking, back then, that we should deport Guillen and invade Venezuela. I blame my vicious mood swings(left-wing liberal--to--right-wing reactionary)on those damn Cymbalta commercials. I finally came to my senses, when I realized that it would break Luis Aparicio's heart.


Ozzie hates the Cubs and that's good enough for me.

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