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May 18, 2010


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The wealth of this country is interested only in its own creation. With out struggle, it has reduced the role of government to the level of aphids, through which it milks our treasure, our lives, and the futures of society and ecology. The government is merely a insect that transfers public wealth into private hands through the rigging of contracts and creating of opportunities of investment. Government has no intellect, therefore no need to develop a sense of risk, or responsibility. The idea of establishing intellect does not even occur in its insect brain.

Ty O'Mara

Sometimes I think this way, too. Man, I got to tell you, I think you are giving insects a bad name. Have you forgotten, Adam Ant?


Did you know that the cost of child care for two children at the UW is almost exactly 75% of the pre-tax income of a child autism research postdoc there? You have built a world in which the people who care about children can't afford them. Why are you so proud?

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