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June 07, 2010


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"This bill could actually have the perverse effect of leading to additional victims of sexual abuse, if individuals, recognizing that their organizations are at risk, become less likely to report suspected abuse."
Ron Johnson presents an interesting pathological bending of logic. Republican Senatorial hopeful Ron Johnson feels we can learn to disqualify and disparage the moral and mental values of anyone whose work we would use toward our achieving an over-advantage.
The repercussions of this Regression of Society, attacking our core social links and responsibility toward others. Simply causes these values to disappear, and the society in question splinters into groups ever more hostile to each other... A huge bloody tragedy can be the result.
Ron Johnson American Anarchist

Ty O'Mara

An important post followed by a comment that I feel God would endorse. We surely are in danger of losing our way if we continue to cover our mistakes with convenient, unethical fixes.

To quote Mr. Johnson(from the Journal-Sentinel story): "I believe it is a valid question to ask whether the employer of a perpetrator should also be severely damaged, or possibly destroyed, in our legitimate desire for justice." I guess it could be a valid question(sometimes)but the answer to that question this time is a resounding, "NO." The Church is reponsible for their priests. They ordained them as holy men, and some of them turned out to be ungodly. Maybe I'm wrong on this following point, but it needs to be asked, "Have there been men who went into the priesthood for their own purposes, not God's purpose. The Church has become a franchise operation, which closes down stores that are not carrying their weight. Religion has become business, they even advertise now. Born and raised a Catholic, I know there is an overwhelming abundance of wonderful people doing God's work in the Church, I am in no position to condemn them or the Church, but is celibacy for priests really a good idea? This organization needs to take a look at itself in the mirror. Do Catholics even want the Church to shirk its duties in these terrible matters? I think not. Praise the Lord.

Brian (neaguy)

This guy is only 1 point behind Russ in the latest Rasmussen poll. Evidence that public schools must not be working.

Johnson's commercials are uninformative and Russ has been doing great work, yet Russ is at 47%.

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