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July 14, 2010


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As a Feingold supporter, I am worried that since Russ has added a halo it may become a little tippy on that pedestal.

bryan Bliss

Though i love hearing news of their mistakes. the scary thing is even with just a bunch of Texan college kids, Ron Johnson's web presence, social media strategy, frequency and momentum is working better than Russ.
With social media so accessible and powerful for building rapport, instant fact checking and debunking I'm kinda surprised the Russ camp appears so anemic and comparatively quiet online. Russ even has some camera time in his past right? wasn't he on t.v news? (That was before I moved to Madison)

The point is, Russ, just being himself, as smart, eloquent, passionate and strong sense of personal integrity, him doing a simple webcam /youtube update daily would likely be the most effective and least expensive way he would simply disarm the PR team of his corporate shill opponent and their PR hit squad.

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