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August 17, 2010


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Whenever anyone in Madison complains about the traffic, I always ask them: "you've never lived anywhere else, have you?" Spend some time in Chicago, LA, New York, or any other large city, and you'll never complain about the Beltline's slowing down to 40 mph at peak traffic ever again.

I remember reading an article a while ago about the clutter in traffic signs actually reducing traffic safety by causing distraction. If too many legal traffic signs reduce safety, the proliferation of illegal distractions are surely dangerous.

Judy Karofsky

Don't forget the visual clutter from apartment rental signs. How many red keys do we have to see? How many free-standing (and poorly maintained) signs in the controversially blighted Mansion Hill? Most signs (i.e., "5-br apts for rent") don't relate to the structures they are affixed to, because apartment owners callously tack up generic ads for their city-wide range of offerings. Signs for August rentals remain visible all year. Johnson and Gorham are gateways, too . . . to our historic, otherwise beautiful, Downtown.


Look, you reference the sign ordinance several times in this post, but don't actually say what it is. For those of us less informed, just what signs are in violation? How about a specific example?


a confused reader.


Confused: here is the sign ordinance. It is long. Try section 31.10 for example. Basically signs cannot cover more than 30% ( and in some instances 20%)of the area of a window.

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