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August 03, 2010


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I almost got caught on the 75 mile fill-up charge once. Fortunately I checked my bill while I was still at the office and I had the gas receipt in my pocket. They took it off my bill.

The one they did catch me on ("they" being a different car rental company) was the charge for using the EZpass automatic toll payer. In addition to the actual tolls, you are billed a service charge which is based on the length of your rental: $2.50/day, up to $10/week. My 10 day rental was deemed two weeks, and I was charged $20 for ONE use of the pass (a $1.12 toll, after the EZpass discount). Fortunately American Express agreed to remove the $20 from their bill.

Brian (neaguy)

How about Charter: they charge you for cable tv when you get the internet even if you don't want cable tv. You have to pay for both.

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