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August 02, 2010


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I welcome him to the ranks of the autodidactic.
Both my wife and I are still attending lectures at the age of sixty- two and have never garnered a degree.
Looking back, I remember playing cards with a social historian from the real University of Wisconsin, circa ‘60’s, back before the Business Madras, who after consulting with his little dog, told me that knowledge and experience could not be inked onto paper.


I hate Republicans, and I have a Masters degree myself, so I have no reason to defend Walker, but I think his undergrad transcript is irrelevant to the campaign. Frankly, undergrad degrees are largely irrelevant to anything. I know that employers like them, perhaps because they're the only information available when hiring some kid with no experience. Clearly, though, Walker has plenty of relevant experience, so we should judge him based on that.

I admit that there can be some inherent (as opposed to monetary) value to a college education, in terms of exposure to new ideas. However, grades are often a poor reflection of the value you derive from the education. I have some bad grades myself, because at that age I was more interested in parties than paperwork. Go figure.


What is funny is the amount of business support Walker has. I would interesting to ask these CEOs how likely they would be to hire someone for a management position without a college degree.

Sure, real life experience should count, but it is doubtful being a political hack qualifies.


I also have a Masters degree and don't necessarily claim that educational success will mirror 'real life' success. But come on, to have spent four years at Marquette and then to be so woefully short of graduating. For me, this fits a theme with Walker, which is dumb, dumber and lazy (as quoted from a Republican friend of mine). He has no reason to release the transcripts, better to have people believe he's an idiot, than to release them and remove all doubt.

Jake formerly of the LP

The problem isn't that Walker didn't graduate, as there could be legit reasons for that (went into the military, family emergency, etc.). But it looks like he simply couldn't cut it at Marquette, and within 3 years he got himself a gig fronting for WMC and the Charles Sykes crowd in the State Assembly. He's never had a for-profit sector job, so Bill Gates he ain't.

Add in his clinging to the failed philosophy of "low taxes regardless of results", the desire to blame and point fingers and hide behind talk radio hosts instead of trying solve problems, and then the flashing of that goofy, "What, me worry?" grin, and there's more than a little resemblance to a man who embraced Scotty as his cousin- George Walker Bush. And Walker would be the Dubya of Wisconsin.


I know which classes he flunked. One was "Political Philosophy". No joke.

I have a copy of his transcript.


While educational success doesn't always mirror "real life" success for everyone, the salary numbers don't lie. Some even go to online graduate school to earn additional degrees while they work, because they know that it will help them climb the ladder at their work or even another job.

Check out the numbers here, under "Programs" and then "Graduate Degrees":


you evidently don't know how many of our great leaders never got thier diplmas-big deal -maybe he ran out of money-you don't need a degree to be a good leader and believe me you cannot teach common sense-which scott is blessed with-he reminds me of ralph nader -a great leader-not afraid to WALK THE WALK-he's going to make a great president someday-look up how many leaders don't have that piece of paper-I know poeple that have it that are complete idiots-can't hold a job-take care of thier life -its not that big of a deal-he's got my vote.......................................

polly mccloskey

Learn how to spell "people" and "their". Then I'll listen to you.


Polly, someone who spends the time (and the money, Marquette!) to attend uni for 4 years and has not much to show for it is different than someone who didn't try. He tried, and failed rather spectacularly. That says something important about the man. Even Sarah Palin managed, after enough time and enough different schools) to graduate. I mean, c'mon.


Power to the people! Now it is less than 11 months to recall Walker. Mark the date 1/3/12.

Katrine Johannesen

Is it me, or is anti-intellectualism spilling out of the evangelical Christian churches and into the Republican Party via the Tea Party?

Iris of Philadelphia

Scott Walker doesn't need a degree to assure his financial well being. He has corporate supporters for that.


I find it interesting that he cannot even sub for a WI teacher without that degree! Yet, he has control over their retirement, paycheck and work conditions- He has children still in school- doesn't he worry about the quality of their education? He keeps forgetting to mention that teachers cannot strike in WI and since the QEO is gone, they are forced into mandatory arbitration for contract issues- the first school dist. to go through the process lost that "forced" WEA Trust insurance (the reason for removing collective bargaining) that he is so worried about and got a less than inflation rate raise after their wages had been frozen for 2 years. He left that out of his fireside chat!


Sounds like he had to go into politics because no business would actually hire him for any significant job without that degree.


So this is all you have? Some of the best minds in the world do not have college degrees (Oh, by the way I do have a degree). Walker has to do a job that our last Governor didn't handle very well. Doyle moved money around from other funds and never repaid. I guess a college degree does not mean that one knows how economics work or the ethics to do right by the taxpayers. I could care less where or if someone went to school. If you are not honest (like Doyle never proved to be) I have no use for you!


You're worried about a Governor's transcripts??? Where are the President of the United States???? Oh that's right he doesn't have to prove anything!


Dave, Dave, Dave you are as ignorant as your comment.


I never thought I'd find a high ranking politician that is dumber than George Jr. It didn't take long and he's our governor.


academic misconduct, had to walk away or face the consequences. i would he suggest he walk away again. phone misconduct, variations on a theme.


I had heard that Walker didn't leave school he was kicked out for cheating. Does anyone have any proof of that? How did he get elected anyway? People on here talk about the governor not needing a diploma to be a great leader and thoughts of Walker as a great President? Give me a break! What leader have you ever known that quickly divided their people like Walker has? He has this state turned into a civil war reincarnation. If he was truely a good leader he would have everybody pulling in the same direction, which is clearly not happening. What ever happened to working together. He talks one thing and does another. Says he is for education but yet has teachers being laid off, cutting their benefits and their right for collective bargaining. He is cutting a billion dollars from the education fund, how again is that for education? Said collective bargaining had to be taken away to balance the budget but yet in the middle of the night now it is not a financial thing and cowardly found a way around it. Did anyone pay any attention at all to the prank phone call? This guy is a snake. He talks about the government needing to be smaller and more efficient? Why does he keep adding his buddies to posts then? How about cutting some of those positions instead of people that really work for a living? He is cutting jobs from people that actually work for a living. Do you call a politician a position that really puts in 40 hours of work in a week? I don't think so. He is the reason why everyone feels politicians are dirty. I was in Badger Boys State the same time he was but I can tell you I was never taught the crap he is doing. Is that the experience coming out? I prefer to do things openly and honestly apparently you do not need to do that when you are Scott Walker. He should spend more time in coming up with a solution to Wisconsin's problems and less worrying about hot to create loop holes for his rich friends. Do you think there is a reason why he has never had a real job before? It is much easier to blow your own horn and have everyone foot the bill for you then to actually work for a living. Look how he loves the spot light, he really does believe he is great. I think he is a coward, a liar and a thief. it is about time the public wakes up or this state is in huge trouble. Where has he lowered the taxes for the working people? He hasn't. All of the fighting back and forth is solving nothing. Why are the tax payers paying to have his kids taken to school? All of the extra security for him and his family? His new ride? If we really are all are in this together why is he making so much money? Why not work for the average of the state employee? Or what the governor of Nevada makes? Why not foot the bill for his own security? If he is not intimidated then why the extra secruity? Why not include everyone including the two unions that backed him in his vendetta against unions. Maybe if he was as great as he thought and a leader like some of you people think he could negotiate with unions. Seems to me that unions are willing to help out and have been all along otherwise you would not have some munincipalities already coming to deals with them before Walker found a way to drop his axe. Better watch what you wish for!


I have heard the same reason. Actually was related to me by a person with Marquette ties and a Republican to boot. Looking into any hard evidence for this.

The Zeeman

Perhaps his hatred for teachers stems from the fact that he was an obvious failure as a student...


Walker was actually dismissed for stuffing the ballot box in his own election. That's why the Marquette Tribune called him "unfit for office" - he was expelled and walked off campus by two security guards in 1990. It was the final violation in a string of them.


Those who support the illustrious Walker simply haven't been screwed by him yet. Well give him time because I would imagine he just hasn't gotten around to it! I've paid taxes in this state for the past 44 years, and I too like to save money. But not at the expense of our teachers, our city and county employees, or anyone else that makes a living through a state-funded occupation intended to help improve the quality of life for the rest of us. These are our friends, our neighbors and our fellow Wisconsinites! The polarization of our state, and the way this moron has set people against one another is not worth the few bucks that any of us might save on property taxes. Scott Walker is nothing but a corporate-backed "schyster" trying to pass himself off as a common Joe.


I heard that he got kicked out of Marquette for cheating. Maybe that's why he doesn't want to tell us his secrets. After all he said "that getting his Eagle scout taught him how to be honest". Did he get his Eagle scout before or after he ran for governor?

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