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September 16, 2010


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Brian (neaguy)

As a teacher I'd sure like to see Ben Manski in the State Leg. I am tired of Democrats playing into the Republican frame on education: testing, testing and more testing...and now merit pay. The business model works for business, not teaching and learning.

Ben gets that like few Dems I've ever seen. Russ gets it, too, but he is that rare Dem that lays out an alternative frame, one based on democracy in education.

Last fall it was pathetic to watch the Dems pass a bill that will allow test scores to be included in evaluation of teachers as long as the union gets to participate in the development of that process.

When I called the usually excellent Gary Hebl's office to complain all I got was, WEAC's in favor of it. So, I said, that shows how dumb WEAC is.

The fact of the matter is that you do not reform schools by tweaking the business model. You supplant it with a better model: democratic schools and you put forth an alternative frame on testing, one that does not include a major role for discredited standardized tests.

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