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September 27, 2010


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What, no mention of Masel for Sheriff?

A Voter in the 77th

Ben Manski also supported Nader for president in 2000. Helping elect Bush. Thanks Ben. You won't get my vote -- ever.


Actually, people in the 77th...or anywhere...can still vote for Ben Masel if they wish to. He's my usual "write-in" vote when I don't want any-of-the-above, and will probably be my choice for Governor this election.


Wish people understood it was the Supreme Court who installed Bush--not people's votes for Nader. I wish I could vote for Manski!

Barry Orton

Not sure when Ben Masel ran for sheriff or in what party. Ben, can you enlighten us?

Ben Manski

Hi Barry,

In case you missed it earlier today:

And I received two additional endorsements tonight that we'll roll out with others in the next couple days.

Re: "Neither will spend the kind of money necessary for mass advertising to differentiate themselves" . . . well . . . we're bringing money in, so I wouldn't be certain about that.

And re: "Not helping is the confusion with Ben Masel." In some cases, you're right. But in others, well, Mr. Masel has a certain notoriety with younger voters that I can't help but think is to my benefit on occasion.

Ben Manski

p.s. - I find it amusing that Ald. Clear spends so much time posting the same criticism on different blogs, always under a pseudonym, and always with the same syntax.

Ben Masel

Barry. I ran for Sheriff twice, in 1992 and 1994. First time as an offical write-in, accidentally causing the replacement of the old lever voting machines. Seems the paper rolls for write-in votes hadn't been changed in 25 years, and became brittle. When folks wrote me in, and pulled the BIG LEVER, the roll tore instead of advancing. This led to the machine being taken off line until it the 2 city techs authorized to open the machines could be summoned, but their replacement rolls were ALSO 25 years old. With so many machines down, lines in downtown wards swelled, reaching over 500 waiting at the Salvation Army by the official closing time of 8:00. Turned into quite the party. The Pizza Extreme delivery guy was selling 25 cent slices until the line was finally done voting a bit after midnight. I officially logged around 7,000 votes, but was ripped off of many more.

Next cycle, 2004, I was unopposed in the Democratic primary to again face Republican incumbent Rick Raemisch. Finished with 39,000+ votes, barely losing the City, but crushed in the suburbs. Early returns had me over 70% with 16 wards counted. In those days, ward totals were delivered to the Clerk by hand, so the downtown wards arrived first.

I went to bed with more Dane County votes than Jeff "Death Penalty" Wagner, running for AG, but when the last Middleton ward came in he'd gained over 600, leaving marijuana less popular than death.

Ben Masel

More 1994: Joe Wineke acknowledged that my coattails, the voters I'd brought to the polls who once they were there voted against "The Dart in your Eye Lady" Nancy Mistle, provided his 60 vote margin in the Western Dane County Senate seat he'd inherited from Russ Feingold. This was the beginning of the friendship that led to Joe, as State Party Chair, ensuring me a speaking slot at the State Democratic Convention the year I ran against Herb. Mike Tate has yet to commit on my speaking next year.

Brian (neaguy)

To the anti Nader poster:
Al Gore told Nader he did not cost him Florida.

So, you can quit believing it, too.

By the way, Gore lost his home state that year, as well.

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