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September 07, 2010


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I am done with the children of Cain. I’ll be supporting alternate party candidates. We no longer have a balance achieved through ideological disagreement between two political parties. Violence has risen over cooperation, anger over reason, and chaos reigns. This folklore story of democracy in America is over.

No crossovers, please.

A very, very bad idea in Milwaukee County. For the first time since Republic Governor Scott McCallum appointed David Clarke as Sheriff, this DINO (Democrat in Name Only) is being deprived of the Republican crossover votes in the Democratic primary that have kept him in office. This Tea Party/Talk Radio candidate has no support among Democratic voters, but has relied on right wing Talk Radio to have suburban Republicans take Democratic primary ballots to keep him as the formal Democratic nominee.

Clarke, who clearly has ambitions for higher office, will be defeated if Democrats stay in the Democratic primary and Republicans stay in the Republican primary.


I realize that the office isn't worth the proverbial cup of warm spit, but is there no reason at all to vote for any of the Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor?


I have every intention of crossing over. Here in redred Waukesha county, the chances of a dem. getting elected to, well, anything is pretty farfetched (though we did have a dem. mayor for awhile). The problem is, I believe Neuman could end up being the more formidable foe. You can almost count on the intellectually impaired (read:dumbass) Walker to do something stupid. Whereas I don't think Neuman will.


Let’s all get out the vote for the less silly candidate.
We must defeat the right extreme. We must defeat the left extreme. These candidates are merely safety valves to dissipate the societal pressure caused by single party rule. They are marketing tools to front the oligarchy ‘center’ candidate. Sixteen months from now we will wonder why everything remains the same.

Thank you, Waxing America for allowing me to comment on this circus, without my comments being erased.


Antpoppa: Defeat the left extreme?

Who could you be referring to? I'm not aware of any extreme leftists running for office.
Name names.


Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, Ross Perrot, Bob LaFollette, Dennis Kucinich come to mind. Florida’s Grayson, Vermont’s Saunders, Spencer Black, Ed Garvey are extreme lefties, but handle it with such grace and humor. Many lefties never make it to local or national prominence because their message is to strong for the time.

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