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September 06, 2010


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Ty O'Mara

Mr. Shearer is correct, I think, when he expresses that Barack Obama has the campaign skills to get himself re-elected. Mr Sudis's title, "The unnecessary Fall of Barack Obams," however, starts me thinking in the opposite about, "The necessary Fall of Barack Obama."?

How about the Democrats run another candidate for President in two years(Mrs. Clinton is tough, too.), while Mr. Obama keeps himself relevant to the nation. If elected, its possible Mrs. Clinton would not desire a second term. Re-enter, my Christian brother, Barack Hussein Obama, armed with four more years of environmental decline(unfortunately), and an army of scientists ready to be taken more seriously by a public that is somewhat more enlightened--more enlightened by four years of Mr Obama's environmental campaign. I guess I'm dreaming, I'm getting old, I'm not even sure Mr. Obama is, "that man." I keep hoping he is, though.

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