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September 11, 2010


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I'm not sure how you can deny that Sykes is correct. When the heading reads, "Consider voting in the Republican primary", even the intellectually and morally challenged Sykes can't miss it. I know the post was not written by Paul, but it's still Paul's blog. To a larger point however, SO WHAT?? If Dems accused Reps of this they would say, "So what, we're trying to win an election for our guy." Dems do this hand-wringing, backpedaling thing when they try to say, "No, no, we didn't mean that." I say, screw that, I'm crossing over, I'm voting for Neuman because I think he's an easier opponent for Barrett, who I desperately want elected.


Be careful what you wish for, buckyblue. Neumann might actually be harder to beat, because he has the right profile for the craziness going on this year -- not a professional pol, businessman, job creator, and not from Milwaukee. If Barrett's running against Walker, the Milwaukee and career politician issues disappear.


I hear what you're saying xoff. Besides, Walker has much more of a record to go after, especially recently. And the liklihood of Walker doing something dumb before the election is greater than Neuman. Neuman's run a pretty smart campaign so far. But at least at this point, Walker leads Barrett by a slightly wider margin, and my guess is when the election gets in full swing will have the backing of many of the Republican establishment (meaning big buck donors and 527 groups). Barrett's got work to do no matter who he runs against.


I think the more interesting point in buckyblue's first comment was regarding the reaction to the post, whether Walker was accurate or not. The Republicans cry foul whenever a Democrat even hints at doing something the Republicans have done shamelessly a million times before. And then Democrats back down.

Ty O'Mara

Ask for a retraction, if you do not get it--sue them. In your lawsuit, ask for damages for pain and suffering. I can tell, by your tone of voice, that your feel violated, who wouldn't. I think $50,000.00 would be fair. Plus, it would draw attention to the fact that the media is reckless and could care less about the truth. Hit them, they are full of ..... Make them take it back. They are using your name for a reason, and it is politically motivated. Who are these whack jobs who think they can get away with this. That's why they do it, no one is stopping them. They'll push it as far as they want until someone finally says, "No." Just say "No." We need a fair and objective media in the state of Wisconsin and the other 49 states. They'll make the retraction. They're cowards. I'm sure you've asked for it already.

Barry Orton

Here's the deal: when I write something, I sign my name at the end. If no signature, it's Paul. Each of us is responsible for his own errors, misspelling, typos, grammatical mistakes, and wrong-headed opinions. I believe WTMJ got its misinformation from here:

Jake formerly of the LP

The points on the comments are right on. Don't apologize for telling the truth on WisGOP. You push back harder and don't let them get away with their propaganda.

By the way, I'm not so sure Barrett isn't at least even if not ahead in the real Wisconsin, you have to look inside the numbers to realize how GOP-leaning the polls have been in this state. But azs for his potential opponent, Neumann will be harder to beat, but I'd much rather see him, because an incompetent tool like Scott Walker would destroy this state. And that's the one outcome that's complete unacceptable to me.

Of course, I'm in the 77th AD, so I have a real election to deal with for the Dems, and I want to see Henry Sanders as Lt. Gov anyway.


I am sorry for the error about who wrote the post. I stated it was Paul Soglin on my blog.

Up until a couple days ago I was not aware that more than one person wrote this blog.

I hope I did not create too much of an issue, but it looks like I might have.

For that I am sorry.

Ty O'Mara

An honest mistake is an honest mistake. What about WTMJ, though, aren't they subject to a higher standard than internet bloggers? Don't they have a television and radio station? I think they should go a bit further and check their facts. I have no business giving anyone advice.

I would think, that since WTMJ has web content, radio content, and television content, that they should make a retraction on all three. Let's face it, the retraction never gets the same attention as the original story. Nobody pays attention to retractions, but they should be made--it will assure the citizens of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois that WTMJ is providing information in the best interests of their viewing public. I'm sure WTMJ will make these retractions because they would prefer to be far removed from the notion that they are taking sides in the election of the Governor of the great state of Wisconsin.


Ty - I think you got it right. I am impressed with Gregory's response - sincere, to the point, no excuses, and acknowledging he learned something. The WTMJ is another matter. First there is the universally recognized problem that just because it is on the internet, does not make it true. We all had that experience. Secondly, there is the professional journalism standard of checking sources and going to primary sources when they are available. Lastly there is the matter, that it has been three days, yes they include a weekend, and even though the world does not stop, too many professional news organizations shut down for the weekend as though nothing happens.


Barry, I appreciate what you're saying about multiple bloggers on this site, but come on, people read this blog because of Paul. I'm really not trying to defend TMJ here, and dear God I am not defending Sykes, but I and many have always thought of this as Paul's blog. His saucy mug is on it for god's sake. Would you post something that Paul patently disagreed with? I guess I haven't thought of it, but I do think it's splitting hairs and I do think it's conversations like these that make liberals look weak and indecisive. So I say, again, screw it, I'm voting Republican on Tuesday for the first time in my life.

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