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September 28, 2010


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Ron Johnson’s believes that every organization that extends a helping hand in the guidance of youth will suffer because of policing of their staff.
I have found that the incidence of abuse is non-existent in all organizations I have associated with. Where abuse is discovered, it seems that there is an institutional acceptance of that abuse and that is what the proposal is targeting.
If that organization is put out of business that’s fine with me. If that organization knows of abuse and attempts to secrete it from view, it should be disbanded.

Brian (neaguy)

Dailykos offers some comment here:

Jake formerly of the LP

The real story- RoJo thinks the interests of groups with money and power are more important than the needs of individuals. And that's been a common theme throughout his campaign ("creative destruction", anyone?). Absolutely disgusting.


Not very honest of him to id himself as a business man from Oshkosh, rather than as a member of the Diocese Finance Board - I doubt he would have been there had he not been serving in that capacity.

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